Transmutation of Minor Actinides in Boiling Water Reactors
K. Hida, Y. Ando, R. Yoshioka
ANP-92 (International Conference on Design and Safety of Advanced Nuclear Power Plants)
1992, Tokyo

Transmutation of minor actinides (MAs) is investigated for two types of BWR fuel (UO2 and MOX)and for an HCR fuel.
Irradiation calculation for pure MAs shows that, while transmutation by fission is scarce, half-lives of principal daughter actinides are much shorter than those of parent MAs, indicating potential transmutation of MAs in these reactors.
Concentrated recycling of MAs is evaluated for these fuels, where additional enrichment is determined to compensate for reactivity penalty due to MAs.
Fuel material balance, transmutation rate, reactivity coefficients, and other fuel cycle effects are discussed.
It is concluded that, though transmutation rate is highest in U02 fuel, MOX fuel is most suitable as MA-carrier, because of its minimum fuel cycle effects.